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Scottish Flag Cakes

Scottish Flag Cakes Saint Andrew’s Cross : Chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling and berry flavoured marshmallow fondant. Lion Rampart : Lemon yogurt cake with bavarian cream filling and lemon flavoured marshmallow fondant.… Continue reading

Scottish Kilt Cake

Scottish Kilt Cake. One layer chocolate, one layer vanilla cake, with bavarian cream filling, buttercream icing, and decorated with fondant. This is a pretty special cake for me. I made this cake for… Continue reading

Secret Agent Cake

Secret Agent Cake! Chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling, buttercream icing, and grape flavoured fondant. I made this cake last summer for my friend’s son’s birthday. I sat down with her son and… Continue reading

Father’s Day Golf Cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing and marshmallow fondant. My dad is an avid golfer so I made this golf-themed carrot cake for Father’s Day (also his favourite cake).

AGS Cake

Chocolate and Vanilla Cake with chocolate filling and Marshmallow Fondant. I made this cake for a company’s barbecue for their employees. One layer of cake was chocolate and the other layer was vanilla… Continue reading

Masonic Cake

Masonic chocolate cake with vanilla fondant. This was my very first fondant cake ever and made it for my significant other’s birthday!! It was a pretty sharp learning curve but over all I… Continue reading

John Deere Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and vanilla fondant. The grass is green coloured buttercream and the flowers are chocolate.

Cherry Blossom Cake

Vanilla and Chocolate checkerboard cake with buttercream frosting and vanilla fondant. I made this cake for a “Girls Night Out” potluck dinner. All the flowers were hand made two days ahead of putting… Continue reading