Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

I am a Pilates instructor with a passion for baking. Every year I would bake a cake for my other half’s birthday and each year he would get a more and more elaborate cake, and then I discovered fondant!!! I started this blog to showcase some of the baking projects I have done, then all my pictures are in one place and I wouldn’t have to either keep emailing them to people or showing them on my iPhone! I also wanted to focus not just on look but also taste because lets face it, it may look pretty but it also must taste delicious! So every once and a while I will post recipes that are too good not to share!

I live on the Canadian West Coast in probably one of the most beautiful places on earth where I also enjoy photographing a lot of the local birds, but admittedly it is the raptors that always catch my eye!

Please feel free to stay a while and comment and look around and you can always email me if you have questions. Enjoy!